The Gathering Place


My first novel with RiverOak Press, a division of Cook Communications Ministries,
was issued in August 2006.  


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Image Synopsis

The Gathering Place is the story of Casey Ellis, a young Christian woman who is hungry for a closer relationship with God.  Her desire for deeper teaching and vibrant daily Christianity leaves her open to deception.  

        When Casey encounters a group of people unlike any she has ever met, she is drawn into their theology, their style of worship, and their way of living almost before she realizes it.  When she recognizes that she has wandered from the truth, it seems as if it's too late to go back.  By then, she lives among the people;  she works for the leader of the group; her heart is entwined with those of others in the group.  

        Can she break free of the group and rebuild her life?



I have also written a non-fiction book about the cult experience of a woman who spent a decade in bondage. What made her stay? What woke her up at last? How did she get out? What is her life like now? To be published in 2012!

Endorsements for
The Gathering Place

I am so pleased that reputable people read the manuscript and actually liked it! Here are their comments (blush!)


"A gripping story that could take place anywhere the leadership of the Holy Spirit is replaced by men and women with unholy motives and followers who are not discerning. The Gathering Place is a book you won't be able to put down or forget. I highly recommend it." -- Marlene Bagnull, Litt. D., Director, Colorado Christian Writers Conference   


"The spiritual journey of Casey Ellis is an all too frequent experience in American Christianity. Genuinely seeking a more intimate walk with God, Casey took what seemed to be the onramp to a spiritual highway to God. Many Christians are similarly enticed only to find themselves on the exit ramp to a spiritual dead end street. The key to avoiding this trap is to understand the truth about the relationship God wants to have with believers. Casey's story is a page turner. But it is also very instructive in how people find themselves entrapped in spiritual counterfeits." -- David Henke, Founder, Watchman Fellowship, Inc. (A ministry of Christian discernment).


"Haunting, intriguing, eerily close to reality... these are just a few words to describe Becca Anderson's intricately woven tale, The Gathering Place. Pull out your discernment antennai, folks, and prepare yourself for a journey into the twisted underworld of 21st century religious manipulation at its finest." -- Janice Thompson, author of Hurricane.


Reviewer Comments


From "New and Recommended" in the catalog, Spring 2006:

"This psychological study of deception is fascinating! The plot tension grips you -- and won't let go -- as it starts breezily, gains momentum, sneaks up, winds up, and crescendos to a fever pitch. As the characters manipulate Scripture to suit their purposes or believe the manipulated message to fill their needs, you begin to sense just how people are lured into cults. A revealing look at this under-the-surface menace."